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PHP Fragment Content Snippet

I discovered a great Fragment Content black hat SEO trick years ago. You can trick Google to reading several versions of text on the page and make them take both into consideration when indexing a page. The fragmented content is never visable but Google thinks it's there. It's great to trick people to see if they understand how you got the page to rank for the additional content. It can also be used for your meta title and description. give it a try what have you to lose ?

<!-- add befoee the </head> tag -->
<meta name="fragment" content="!">

<!-- add before </body> tag  - add your content -->
<? if (isset($_GET['_escaped_fragment_'])) : ?>
<h1><!-- heading which includes your main keyword --></h1>
<p><!-- add your additional content --></p>
<? endif; ?>

This is a clever way to add additional content that is not on page but Google uses it for ranking purposes. It's a way of getting a page to rank for non shown content !!!